This is the best Karate Dojo that we have sent our son to. Not only is the instruction great, but the life lessons taught are insightful.
— Jesse C, Pacific Martial Arts Parent

Decide to whom you will you trust your development or your child’s growth and development in areas such as

  • Academic focus
  • Self control
  • Defensive skills
  • Athletic growth
  • Health and well being

The experienced staff of Pacific Martial Arts has been teaching the valuable benefits of the martial arts since 1978. PMA is led by Grandmaster Jerry Devine, a former outstanding math teacher. He is the director of the Martial Arts Museum of America, a member of the International Karate Hall of Fame, a tenth degree black belt, former president of the Amateur Athletic Union Karate Southwest Division. He has devoted his life to furthering the development and character values of students through the martial arts. His own personal aim in Karate is to give dignity and worth to each person.

Entrust your development and growth to a school with the experience and positive methods that produce real results. PMA has many role models of excellence, our teachers are also leaders in the business, medical, legal, educational and other professional fields. Students need appropriate challenges suitable for their ages and skill levels. Karate is achievement centered and allows a student to pursue and to explore his or her potentials. Karate is not a feel good therapy activity which is the often the direction of the chain franchise schools. These schools care more about appearances and numbers and not about producing meaningful results.

We use a staff of many lead teachers. We do not use inflated titles and we stand on our records of authenticity. Many schools boast about titles, tournament victories, and more to give the impression of quality. Beware of the many "world champion" titles being flaunted and claimed by mediocre Karate people. Often these terms are placed on trophies and certificates of local competitions and the winner is only too happy to infer it is a world event, when in fact there might not be more than a few dozen local students entered. The novice parent has little understanding of the meaning of these titles and claims. In fact, to mislead the public like this is disingenuous when dealing with young people. Merely advertising that a school teaches focus, integrity, commitment and more is not sufficient either. There must be an actual process for achievement as opposed to making promises without substances. PMA has a long track record of over thirty years in developing these teaching skills and proven methods.

We invite you to ask us how we do it and see us in action in class.

Fee Structure of schools and our rates

These vary widely in martial arts schools. Due to high commercial rentals in general feesat most schools currently seem to vary from $130 to $190 monthly. You can go to cheaper programs but often these are in recreation centers and maybe only once weekly. The lessons often are less than an hour and are often short term courses. PMA offers one hour junior classes about four or five times in the week, and the senior classes are a minimum of and hour and 15 minutes. This allows you to make good progress with twice a week attendance (but you can go to all the classes you can squeeze in.)

PMA does require a commitment of one year since we spend a lot of time in the assimilation and growth, and special care given to all beginners. We would want you to do the same.

Our current PMA rates are the following:

$133.92 monthly with a down payment of $360 is our most popular program.

Advance payment is 5% off and the full year fee is $1868. 

Students have access to all classes during the week.