What makes PMA exceptional is the philosophy of the founder, Master Jerry Devine, with its focus on respect and virtues ... It is an outstanding program.
— Breton B, Pacific Martial Arts Parent

Thank you for your interest in joining Pacific Martial Arts!

Karate teaches focus, respect, and alertness! In addition to his exceptional knowledge of martial arts, Chief Instructor Grandmaster Jerry Devine was a former math teacher for twenty years and has instilled the entire program with the motto "We teach attitudes first." Pacific Martial Arts instructors are university educated, dedicated martial artists and community leaders. In addition to teaching Karate, many of our instructors are also college professors, scientists, and engineers.

In order for students to become comfortable with a Karate program, and for parents and children to determine their level of interest, we offer an orientation program consisting of three private lessons with an instructor. During this orientation phase we introduce the student to karate moves, protocol, and confidence building. With the parents we discuss the types of programs, the fees and commitment factors. Orientations can be done any time during the day, even weekdays! A quick call is all that is needed to schedule an appointment!

The orientation is a critical step as it allows the student to screen the activity in detail before committing to it. All the usual fears about safety, ability to perform the moves, bonding with instructors, and many more aspects are answered at this time. Be sure to ask for the PMA introductory DVD, "Karate's Deeper Meanings."

Make the call today, 619 752 7515or email pma@pmakarate.com. Get started on you and your child's journey towards black belt and the wonderful experience and benefits of Karate!

Need a waiver for a PMA event? Use the waiver form on the birthday link of this site.